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All families with team level skaters (not intro to figure skating) are required to either volunteer or donate the equivalent value of their required hours. For each skater, we require 10 volunteer hours per family. 5 of these hours must be outside of ice show and the other 5 MUST be during ice show. All team skaters will be charged a work deposit of $200, split into two payments of $100, at the beginning of the season. If volunteer hours are completed by the end of the fall season, that work deposit will be rolled over to the next season (or returned if the skater doesn't return the following year).

We do need as much volunteer help as we can get and there are many ways you can be of assistance. We require volunteer help at SSC events and fundraisers, as well as during our annual ice show rehearsals and shows. There are also weekly volunteer opportunities play music during club practices.

We understand that some families may not have the time available to volunteer. In the registration process, you do have the option to 'buy out' your volunteer hours. The cost to buy out your hours is $200 for 10 hours. If you do not buy out your volunteer hours and do not complete the required hours, you will forfeit your season work deposit.

Kelli Standekar


Pati OConnor

Volunteer Coordinator

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