Ice Etiquette and Safety Rules

General Rules

Respect the rights of others.

Respect the arena’s property and the property of others.

Pay for each session online and sign in at the front desk before stepping on to the ice. Water in a non-breakable container is permitted at or under the rail. Food is not permitted near the rail or on the ice. Please pick up all belongings at the end of the session. The benches by the ice are to be used by the skaters on the current session and coaches only.

It is important for everyone’s safety that all skaters stay aware of other skaters on the ice. If you are a less experienced skater, please be extra careful to stay aware of other skaters and to look ahead of where you are skating to see what others are doing or are about to do. If you are an experienced skater, please be patient with the less experienced skaters. Remember – you were new to freestyles at one time, too. Remember to look both ways before leaving the railing or skating across the ice.

Keep moving while on the ice, as it is dangerous for both you and other skaters to stand still during a session. Do not lay down on the ice and get up promptly if you fall. Skaters that continue to lay on the ice after multiple reminders will be asked to leave the ice for the remainder of the session.

right of way

  1. The skater doing a routine to music has the right of way. Bright colored belts may be used to help identify the skater whose music is being played on especially busy sessions. Please stay aware of which skater is doing a routine and do your best to stay clear of this skater. 
  2. Skaters taking a lesson have the right of way over skaters not in a lesson on the session.
  3. Skaters on the harness also have the right away. Please be careful of the harness area.


  1. Program music will be played on a rotational basis. Please ask a coach on the session if you would like your music played.
  2. Skater’s may play their music a maximum of 3 times during a session. Please do not replay your music over and over because then other skaters don’t get to play their music.
  3. Coaches may put the music of their lesson student ahead of other skaters. Please appreciate this policy when you are in a lesson and be understanding of this policy when you are having to wait outside of a lesson.
  4. Please do not stop and restart your music if others are waiting in line.
  5. Please do not handle the cell phone connected to the music equipment without the permission of a coach.

Prohibited behavior

Kicking, digging holes, scraping or stomping the ice with your blades and kicking the railings are prohibited.

Being verbally abusive to other skaters or coaches is prohibited.

Videotaping anyone other than your own skater is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Any skater engaging in any of these behaviors will be asked to leave the session immediately.

Clearing the ice

When the double doors on the Zamboni end of the rink open, all skaters and coaches must leave the ice immediately. If you are skating to your music, please stop skating immediately, turn off music and clear the ice – no exceptions.

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